The tabletop game or board game industry experiences a real boom every year, especially before Christmas. The manufacturers finally bring out numerous new table games at this time, so that an extremely large selection of different types of board or table games can be found in stores.

Of course, the true classics among table games are still extremely popular today, such as Monopoly or the card game variant spider solitaire. But which types of table games are actually proving to be particularly popular today? The following article presents them.

The Strategy Table Games

The abstract strategy table games have existed for an extremely long time. Almost every early culture around the world was so passionate about playing strategy games. Thus, this category even includes some of the oldest table games ever.

This type of table game is not based on any particular theme. The respective results are always exclusively dependent on the individual decisions of the player. Thus, strategy table games cannot do without thinking through each move logically. Thus, the random or the luck component remains outside in the strategy table games. There are no cards to be drawn or dice to be thrown. In most cases, the rules of these games are quite simple, so learning them is not too much of a challenge.

The Educational Table Games

Educational games can also look back on quite a long tradition. They often enjoy the image of being silly or childish. However, nowadays you can also find a great deal of educational games to which this does not apply at all. They are a great proof that learning can also be great fun. Most educational games are, of course, designed for children. With their help, certain areas of research, techniques or skills are to be trained. Games that are specifically designed to meet the needs of children are produced in Germany, for example, by the game manufacturer Ravensburger. These always have a specific educational quality.

The Cooperative Table Games

If a player can be identified who shows above-average ambition and competitiveness, cooperative table games can be particularly fun. This type of table games is characterized by the fact that a player competes alone against a group of several other players. However, cooperative board games also allow all players to play together against the board itself. Thus, they would both lose and win together.

The Eurogame Table Games

Table games that correspond to the category of Eurogames also prove to be particularly interesting. In Germany, this genre appeared already after the end of the Second World War. At that time, Germans were not interested in military topics, but rather in construction or agriculture. A typical feature of Eurogames is that player interactions are usually indirect. Elimination of individual players is not foreseen in most Eurogame table games.

Large Selection of Different Table Games for Every Taste

However, nowadays it is hardly possible to categorize the table games that are newly launched on the market. The games are continuously showing themselves to be more advanced, so that the clearly defined genres are merging more and more. However, this is by no means to be seen as negative. Since table games still enjoy an unbroken popularity, more and more innovations will be found in the field in the future.

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