A New Jersey toddler has taken to online shopping platforms and spent about $2,000 worth of furniture on the Walmart website.

22 month old Ayaansh Kumar managed to gain access to his mother’s mobile phone and picked up where his mother left off- a cart of Walmart furniture that was left unchecked. When the items began arriving, the family wondered why there were four orders when they only needed one.

After a bit of investigation it was found that Ayaansh was the culprit behind the massive spending spree. Pramod Kumar and Madhu Kumar, Ayaansh’s parents laughed it off and said that their toddler’s antics were ‘cute’.

Pramod mentioned in an NBC interview that they will add ‘tougher’ screen lock measures, such as face recognition and passcodes so the incident will not happen again. The couple says that once the order has been completed they intend to return the items back for a refund.

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