Spain becomes one of the best countries for vacations. There are many great places where you can explore and enjoy the views. Historical buildings and towns will be great choices when you love exotic buildings and landmarks with various heritages of the past. There are also many beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the nice scenery of oceans and sunbath under the sunlight. If you are also love playing golf, Spain can become great destinations. In addition to those exotic places, Spain becomes one of the best places where many nice golf courses are located. You will find nice spots where you can play golf comfortably. Spanish golf trips surely become something interesting to do.

Playing golf surely gives exciting experiences. What you do is more than just hit the ball into the holes. Playing golf allow your body to feel excitement and it is great for fitness since you will walk around the golf course and when it is counted, it can be similar to walk for some kilometers. You will not feel tired easily since you enjoy the game on the golf course and it is quite leisure sport to enjoy. Moreover, you will get enough sunshine on your body. Of course, you cannot ignore the beautiful view that you can find on the golf course.

When you want to enjoy playing golf and get some sweats while enjoying the beautiful views, Spain has many right spots of golf courses. There are resorts with vast and beautiful golf courses. What you see will be more than just vast green area where you can play the sport and hit the ball as much as you want. You will be able to see different terrains of golf course and it is not something strange to see ponds in the midst of the golf courses that will make the place more attractive. Montecastillo Resort is one of the nice places where you can find the attractive golf course. It is not just a flat green area. There are sand area, ponds, and different types of landscape where it will give you different challenges when you want to hit the ball into the holes. Of course when you are tired, you can just enjoy your rest in the resort and it is nice place to stay.

The other places are PGA Golf de Catalunya, La Reserva, and Valderrama Golf Club. These are some best place for your golf trips. Each of them has different types of golf course and landscapes. Each of them gives you different challenges that will be great for your pleasure in playing the golf and nice exercises for your body. You can walk and play comfortably since these places have high standards of golf course and you will not regret for visiting Spain and these golf course. This will be one of your best golf trips that you have ever had. Of course, when you are tired of playing golf, you can stay in resort and explore the towns and other places. You will both be healthy and happy by having the golf trip to Spain.

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