Prospective business owners in the Spring Hill and Hernando County, Florida real estate investment markets need to be aware of current conditions for commercial construction and residential purchases in 2024. They should also be aware of current local listings, pricing and sales trends for residential and commercial properties in the area. This article provides valuable insight into current trends, key areas and tips for navigating the market with expert input from Lawrence Todd Maxwell, President of MX Properties, Inc.

Real Estate Market Hernando County

Let’s take a look at the current commercial real estate trends in Spring Hill, Florida, and how they may affect area investors in 2024.

Spring Hill residential sales are allegedly up roughly 2% since March 2023. The median sales price for homes in the region is now around $315,000. In March 2024, a total of 221 residential properties were sold, compared to 254 the same month last year. Homes in the neighborhood are selling after an average of 39 days, compared to a 45-day average last year.

Currently, the residential Spring Hill Real Estate market, FL and its neighboring areas is moderately competitive. On average, properties sell for between 2% and 100% of their market price. The sale-to-list ratio in the neighborhood is now at 98% across all house types. 

There are currently over 400 commercial properties for rent in Spring Hill, totaling somewhat more than 550,000 square feet in the wider metro region, and ten commercial properties for sale, including one office building and an industrial warehouse. Some of the accessible office spaces are perfect for repurposing as diverse enterprises.

In Spring Hill commercial real estate acquisition expertise focuses on configuration, asset condition and total cost, which determine future margins. Before purchasing property in affected areas, check for regulatory hurdles to renovations or conversions. The best places for investors to buy or lease commercial property in Spring Hill depend on the type of business property needed. Stores, offices and other commercial space may be strategically located near each other, but industrial sites may be zoned differently and not benefit from these shared advantages.

Do your homework to make sure you can expect a return on your investment. This goes beyond selecting market indicators and pricing. One must study the property’s historical metrics, market data, and other factors to create an efficient investment strategy. In addition, companies and investors need to know the location and verify that the time is right for their market investment.

Valuations should take into account optimal square footage, current contracts, encumbrances, maintenance challenges, rezoning plans, compliance issues, and other criteria for the property’s intended use. Be sure to calculate valuations correctly. Local commercial real estate valuation consultants are essential during these phases to ensure that all critical components are reviewed and that an attractive investment is viable.


The Spring Hills real estate market offers a number of opportunities for both buyers and investors. The city attracts residents for its affordability, sense of community and promising growth prospects. From the charm of downtown to the family environment of Wakefield to the upscale living of Westside Estates, Spring Hill offers something for everyone. To make the most of your investment, stay on top of market trends, work with professionals like Lawrence Todd Maxwell, and always consider the long-term value of your property. Armed with these insights, you’ll be well prepared to navigate the Spring Hill real estate scene.

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