Spotify as well as other music streaming services is always growing. Music industry changes, new players appear every day. Now, we can see a boom in the number of Spotify promotion services. Such companies offer multiple promotion options for musicians, who are willing to pay for faster success. Have you ever thought about promoting your pieces? Is this a new thing for you? How would you like me to explain everything?

Creating music is a tedious process. It takes time and energy to create memorable, interesting tricks. The hardest thing about becoming a modern musician is dealing with low popularity. You simply can see how many people are listening to someone else’s music, and this can’t be good for your emotional state. When we are looking at others, we want to be like them. Popular, famous, rich. Unfortunately, to become popular on Spotify and earn millions in royalties, you first have to spend some money.

Why is promotion so popular and requested right now? Spotify has over 600 million users worldwide. It seems unnecessary to promote tracks. However, if you would spend a little more time crunching numbers, you will see that Spotify doesn’t really help musicians. It is very customer focused. That’s why listeners adore it, and musicians are skeptical. Unfortunately, every music streaming service is the same in this department. There is no ultimate service that equally satisfies musicians and listeners. Spotify is just the best of them. That’s why so many musicians join Spotify and not other platforms.

With this huge popularity comes a real problem. Too many musicians are trying to bite off a piece of this cake. Even if there are enough listeners for all of them, the algorithm power is limited. Algorithms don’t satisfy everyone anymore. To become noticed by them and get promoted in-house, you need to show a stable growth. It can take a few days, or even weeks. But right after algorithms notice you, your music will appeal in peoples recommendations. More plays will follow, listeners, followers. This can be done cheap and fast only by utilizing modern promotional tools. Most of these tools aren’t available for regular computer users. To get competent, effective, cost-efficient promotion you need to ask specialized services for it.

To select a proper music promotion service, you need to look at the following: reviews, payment methods, website quality. Let’s start with the last one. The website is a front page, a face of each service. This face must look appealing, creatively crafted. If you see a website straight from the 1990s, you can be sure that you are looking at a scam. Don’t trust such websites. It should be modern, modest, tasteful. Next – payment methods. If you are seeing an option to pay in bitcoin or make a direct money transfer, it is most likely a scam also. To ensure personal comfort and safe financial operations, resort to worldwide accepted options, such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa. The last thing is the overall review. The number of positive reviews should be at least 95% of the overall number. Don’t trust negatively reviewed services, obviously.

Now you have all the knowledge you need to start successfully promoting your music. You know how to choose a promotion service, what to look at. The only thing for you left to do is make a decision. Do you want to change your life? Or do you want to be a mediocre musician till the end of your days? Answer these questions, and decide whether you want to change the course of personal history, or leave it be. Do what you will!

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