According to Smart Insights, about 59% of people worldwide utilize social media daily. The average time that a person spends on social media per day is about two and a half hours. In just the past year, 227 million people have entered the social media world.

While technology has connected everyone to a whole new world of information and connectivity with content and people, utilizing too much of it can be unhealthy for you. Setting technology limits

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Get More Connected to the World Around You

Sure, you can read news articles while browsing social media to learn what is going on in the world around you. However, too much technology can cause a major disconnect from the real world. There is nothing like interacting with other people in person and exploring different places to learn new things about the world.

You may feel less productive and like you got nothing accomplished by sitting in front of your smartphone on social media or watching television most of the day. Put the phone or television remote down and go explore a new place at least once a week or month to rev up the excitement in your life.

You Can Get More Exercise

Even if you put down your phone to go clean up your dishes or do some yard work, lessening technology means that you can get more exercise. Technology has shown in multiple studies to lessen physical activity amongst those addicted to it.

Less physical activity can lead to fatigue, heart problems, and diet issues. Relaxing on the couch too much can make you very tired because of the blue light from technological devices being exposed to your eyes for too long.

Technology addiction can lead to laziness which means you are more likely to order food from fast food or local restaurants than cook it at home. Too much eating out can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Be More Productive

Limiting your technology use can increase your productivity. The time that you are binge-watching television, browsing on social media, or web surfing can be spent handling other responsibilities around the home.

Split up your technology time by watching a couple of shows, then cleaning the dishes, taking a break on social media, then putting away some laundry. Keep the time balanced so that you can get done with your responsibilities, too.

What Should Be My Technology Limits?

Sure, binge-watching your favorite show or catching up with your friends on social media is very pleasurable. However, it can be done within healthy time limits. Instead of watching five episodes of your favorite show, watch only one or two so that you have one hour of television in one sitting rather than five.

Limit scrolling on social media to about 15-30 minutes in one sitting. Do it during downtime at home, but try not to do it while you are eating so that you can focus on a wholesome meal experience.

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