Netflix is, by far, one of the best movie streaming sites. It offers great content from its vast library for unlimited entertainment. However, your access to the library depends on the country you are located in. Your streaming region dictates the content displayed on the service.

There are several cases when you hear about a compelling TV show on Netflix, only not to have it available in your region. Netflix imposes geo-restriction on some of its content, so you can only access it from particular countries. But why does it do so?

Why Netflix Geo-Restricts Its Library

The streaming giant contains various types of content ranging from renowned classics to interesting original TV series. Most of the time, you will always find the original Netflix shows available in all countries. The same is not true with licensed content from other production houses, as these agreements can limit content availability for various legal reasons.

Production houses hold exclusive movie copyrights, prohibiting streaming services from airing them without obtaining a streaming license. Streaming rights vary from contract to contract, limiting content availability in specific regions. The licensing cost is also a factor. Nonetheless, you can access these libraries using the following methods.

Use a VPN

The most typical way to access the geo-restricted Netflix library is using a virtual private network (VPN). It spoofs your original IP address by tunneling your internet traffic through a server in the country of your choice, allowing you to see what would otherwise be impossible to view in your location. It masks your IP address and encrypts your internet traffic, preventing security breaches.

Therefore, you can watch movies or popular TV series the streaming service offers regardless of the geo-restrictions. VPNs are particularly useful when traveling to a different country. In most cases, you might want to catch up with your favorite series. But geo-restrictions bar you from accessing the content. Use a VPN to change your location and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

While using a VPN helps circumnavigate geo-restricted content on Netflix, it has some disadvantages. The most prominent issue is the Netflix war against VPNs. The streaming service has launched a crackdown on VPNs to prevent geo-spoofing. The company has beefed up its geofencing systems to block VPN users from streaming on their platform.

Furthermore, VPN use is illegal in some countries like Russia, China, Iraq, and the UAE. Besides, streaming movies using VPN might compromise the quality, resulting in glitchy streams. VPNs also rely on your computer to connect with a VPN server. Therefore, issues with your computer memory, such as low memory, can interrupt your connection. Proxies offer options that address these issues.

Connect Via Proxies

Proxies provide better alternatives to VPNs, considering the main issue of Netflix’s crackdown on the latter. Proxies let you access streaming services anonymously by hiding your IP address. They achieve this by routing your internet traffic through a proxy server, masking your current location with another one elsewhere.

IP masking lets you view geo-restricted content on streaming services like Netflix, so you can view various libraries to enjoy full entertainment. You can also employ shared proxies to circumnavigate other restrictions and content monitoring, preventing Netflix from suspecting geo-spoofing activities. Therefore, you can stream your favorite shows and movies using any network without fear of privacy and security breaches.

Since proxies work with servers to route your connectivity, you don’t have to worry about the condition or size of your computer memory. Additionally, proxies do not compromise streaming quality. They can route your traffic through dedicated channels, maintaining high connectivity speeds that let you enjoy your streams. Say you wanted to see what Netflix Canada has in store for you. You can buy these proxies here to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of Canada’s Netflix library.

Nonetheless, proxies have their downsides. A poorly configured proxy can result in exploitable loopholes, causing security vulnerabilities. It can result in an IP address leakage that exposes your IP address to third parties, compromising your online privacy and data security.

Furthermore, there are cases where some proxies track your internet activities and store your personal information. This practice undermines their primary purpose of anonymity. Nevertheless, selecting a proxy from a trustable provider can give you peace of mind and unlimited access to the Netflix library of your choice.

Final Words

Netflix geo-location streaming prevents access to some of the best content on their platform. You can bypass these restrictions using proxies or VPNs and enjoy a vast catalog from any country. However, the recent Netflix war on VPN positions proxies as a better option for accessing geo-restricted content.

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