If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident in Roseville because of another person’s negligent action, you need to act soon to protect your rights. If the party owed you a duty of care and ignored the same, you may have a valid claim, and it is wise to consult a Roseville injury lawyer soon. Several factors influence the outcome of a case, but the extent of injuries suffered by the victim remains the most significant. Here is an overview of things you need to know.

The basics

A victim has a personal injury claim when they suffered injuries or were hurt due to someone’s action who acted negligently. For instance, if another driver rammed into your vehicle, they are liable for your losses. Similarly, when a surgeon gets the surgery wrong and commits a grave error, the patient who has suffered will have a case. Not to undermine any claim, but if your injuries are severe or catastrophic in nature, you deserve compensation that covers many things. The list includes the costs related to your current and future medical care, lost income, future lost income, and mental suffering and pain.  

Understanding catastrophic injuries

Some accidents are life-changing. A catastrophic injury may prevent you from having a normal life, which may also mean you wouldn’t work as before or may have suffered damages that can last a lifetime. People often suffer catastrophic injuries that result in permanent physical or mental disability, which impacts everyone in their life. Not to forget, you may have to be away from work for a long time as you get medical care. Whether or not you can find gainful employment after the accident is also a crucial factor. Expectedly, claims involving catastrophic injuries are worth more.

Let an attorney help you

Experienced attorneys have years of experience in tackling claims involving catastrophic injuries and are capable of negotiating a fair settlement. When insurance is concerned, your injury lawyer can oversee the communication and ensure that all formalities are completed on time. They can also see through the parlor tricks that claims adjuster use. Also, in some cases, catastrophic personal injury claims end up in court, where you will need an attorney to represent you.

It is obvious that you are in a tough financial spot after the injury, but your lawyer won’t ask for a fee until you win the injury claim.

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