A lot of people think that their options are limited when they think of vaping herbs. What they do not know yet is that there are so many available options for vaping herbs that you can try out. In fact. They all have useful benefits.

Do not get intimidated by the dab vapes, heating chamber, and mouthpiece because once you get the hang of it, everything else is easy. If you are curious on the different kinds of herbs you can legally vape, read on.  

Herbs You Can Vape


You can vape thyme alone or together with another dry herb you prefer. Thyme creates a stronger effect when you combine it with another dry herb, which helps you save some material. Thyme helps relieve gastric issues and hypersensitive conditions.


Despite being known to drive your cats crazy, catnip is also beneficial to humans. Catnip is good for immune system support and relives you from depression and anxiety. People who are interested to vape catnip should start with 320F.

Kava Root

Kava root comes from the Pacific Ocean islands. Since it has muscle relaxing properties, it has become a very popular herb to vape. The high heat destroys the compounds, so people were used to drinking it as tea, even before it became popular for vaping.


Lavender has the best calming effects when you vape. When you vape lavender, you can expect to feel so calm and it has antibacterial properties that is beneficial to your body. People also use lavender for pain relief and insomnia. In addition to its calming effect and pleasant smell, it also tastes fantastic, especially if you combine it with peppermint.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is great for those who are suffering from problems with their gut or other internal issues because it is great for healing wounds and calming your muscles. Aside from that, this is excellent for people who wish to get better sleep or have a more pleasant mood. 

Raspberry Leaf

If you need to relieve sore throat or common colds, you should vape raspberry leaf. It was used to make herbal cigarettes by the Native American tribes. This is a longstanding herb that can help with gastrointestinal tract disorders and respiratory problems. Raspberry leaf smells fantastic and it is very fluffy, so it is a fantastic herb to vape if you are using a convection heated vaporizer.


If you know about herbs, you are probably aware of chamomile, which is known for its relaxing properties. You can choose this if you want to feel relaxed and calm after a long day.

These are the best herbs you can try for dry herb vaping. You can go to a store and ask them where to buy. Make sure to use an oil battery cartridge to power up your portable vape.

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