Video making has gained massive popularity thanks to new social media platforms like TikTok and older services like Instagram and Facebook, which rely heavily on digital content.

It is not only limited to content creators; turning your text into engaging video content has given businesses an edge over competitors who are still stuck in their old ways.

So, what’s the reason?

It’s a fantastic way to connect with your audience on a more personal level, ensuring your message is seen, truly heard, and felt.

This guide will walk you through transforming your written content into captivating videos using AI, specifically focusing on the powerful tools offered by Virbo.

The Era of AI in Video Production

Right now, we’re living in an exciting time where videos are becoming the heart and soul of digital content. You’ve probably noticed that videos pop out more on your feed and grab your attention longer than plain text, right?

Well, there’s a good reason for that. Videos have this special power to tell stories in a way that words on a page can’t match. They can make you laugh, teach you something new, or even change your mind. And the best part? AI technology is making it easier than ever for you, yes you, to jump into creating videos from your written content.

Imagine taking an article you’ve written, maybe a blog post or even just a great idea jotted down in notes, and transforming it into a video that speaks directly to your audience. This isn’t about replacing your written work; it’s about giving it a new life and reaching out to even more people. Why? Because people love watching videos. They’re more likely to watch a video about a topic than read the same information.

And here’s where AI-based tools like Wondershare Virbo change the game. It’s like having a super tool that takes your text and helps you turn it into a video script. But it doesn’t stop there. These tools can also help pick the right voice, set the tone, and suggest visuals to make your video pop.

So, whether you’re looking to educate, entertain, or engage, AI’s text-to-video production is your ticket to creating content that stands out and gets noticed.

Step 1: Preparing Your Text for Conversion

Your journey begins with your written content. Choose a piece that conveys a clear message and potentially engages your audience visually. For narration and to guide your video, it is best to break down your text into key points or a storyline.

If you are a business owner, it is better to keep your audience in mind, such as what they would like to see or what can positively engage them. How can your text be best represented visually?

This preparation is crucial for a smooth transition to video format.

Step 2: Utilizing AI to Craft Your Script with Virbo

With your text ready, it’s time to turn it into a script suitable for video. To do so, launch Virbo on your computer. Tap the Create Video button.

Here, Virbo’s AI Script feature simplifies this process. Input your text, and the AI will help you craft a ready narrative for the screen. This tool ensures your script maintains the essence of your original content while being optimized for video storytelling.

You simply need to click the AI Script option and enter the text. Now, you can prompt Virbo for smart optimization. You can use AI to rewrite the entire script or change the tone of the original content.

Click Apply once done.

Step 3: Bringing Your Script to Life with Virbo’s AI Tools

Now, let Virbo’s AI tools breathe life into your script. Click the Avatar section and select from a range of AI avatars to narrate your content, adding a personal touch without the need for actual filming.

These avatars can represent you or your brand, making your video more engaging and relatable. You can customize the narration style, tone, and even the language to best suit your content and audience.

Step 4: Editing Your AI-Created Video

Add background music to the mix and adjust the video using Timeline Mode and Dubbing Text Mode. Once done, click Export to download the text to video file in your preferred format.


Embracing AI in video production opens up endless possibilities for content creators and businesses alike. By converting text to video, you can expand your content’s reach and engage with your audience on a deeper level. Virbo makes this process incredibly easy, offering a seamless bridge from the written word to visual storytelling.

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