Most people will leave their homes to escape the harsh winter climate, but the fact is that since you cannot move your home, the windows and doors Cobourg have to undergo the harsh conditions that come with the winter season.

Winter has effects on your doors and windows, which are not admirable. Here are some of the impacts of winter on Cobourg windows and doors and what you can do to make winter doors and windows in your home.

1. Condensation

Condensation is a process that takes place on your windows and doors Cobourg if there is a significant temperature difference on the inside and the outside of either your windows or doors.

The process involves the sudden rise of warm air, reaching a point where it cools. While the warm air cools, it loses its ability to hold water. Since the warm air can’t hold the water vapor too, the water vapor forms small droplets on the glass surface of the Niagara windows and doors.

The condensation process can also be seen on the windows and doors Cobourg when the sun is very hot outside and you raise your cooling system to high levels.

Condensation forms on your Cobourg windows and doors during winter because during the night, it is very cold, but during the morning, the temperature rises as the sun come up, and this creates an instant temperature difference.

Condensation, however big it may sound, is not usually a big cause of concern. It is just a simple natural process that is not dangerous and is expected to happen more during winter.

However, condensation can be a source of concern if it happens between the space found in double-paned windows and doors Coburg.  This means there is leaking, and you need to repair the damage causing leakage or even replace the Niagara windows and doors in the long run.

2. Drafts And Leakages

Leakages and drafts are very common issues that most homeowners experience with their Cobourg windows and doors during the winter season.

There are several reasons for leaking and drafty windows and doors Cobourg, such as poor installation. If the doors and windows were installed properly, there could be no leakages because the frame would have been properly sealed and tightened to prevent air from entering.

Having air entering your home through the windows and doors Cobourg is not something you would like during winter. This is because it means you are losing your warm inside air to the outside, and the cold air from outside is getting in to replace it.

If you notice that your energy bills are highly accelerating, you should be concerned about the possibility of leaky Niagara windows and doors.

Another reason for drafty Cobourg windows and doors is that the materials you used to seal are old, and weather stripping is also getting worn out. This will result in air leakage into the outside.

To control this situation, you should always confirm the situation of your sealants before the winter season starts and seal up any breakages you find. With age, sealants lose their hardiness and need to be replaced.

Another cause of drafty and leaky windows is that your Cobourg windows and doors are old. The only solution to old windows and doors Cobourg is getting a replacement with a modern version of new windows and doors.

An example of modern and advanced windows you might need to replace our old windows is the vinyl windows. The vinyl windows are energy efficient and will have reduced energy bills in the long run.

3. The Impact Of Warping

Some Cobourg windows and doors are manufactured with materials that are highly affected by high humidity changes, which is what the winter season is all about.

For example, wooden windows and doors are not the friendliest when subjected to high humidity as they may rot or even develop molds. For this reason, wooden Niagara windows and doors will undergo damage from the harsh winter season.

If you like wooden Cobourg windows and doors and have to install them in your home, you need to protect them with a sealer in preparation for the winter season.

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