Wondering How to Backup iPhone to PC?

It feels simple that it is important to back up your iPhone regularly to ensure the security and security of your valuable information. Compared to multiple backup solutions, you may find that switching iPhone to PC is one of the most reliable methods. Backing iPhone to PC can help you:

Protect data from loss: Backup your iPhone to your computer to avoid data loss caused by malware attacks or factory settings. Storing iPhone on Windows PC allows quick data recovery.
Save more iPhone space: iPhone usually has limited storage space for photos and videos. Backing up your iPhone to an external disk or PC will allow storage space.
Transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone: Once you have a new iPhone, you can back up your current iPhone to your computer and then restore it to a new version of iOS.

In this comprehensive guide, you will be given a powerful tool, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to backup iPhone to PC.

FoneTool – Your Ultimate iOS Data Backup Tool

FoneTool is a professional iOS backup and transfer software. It is the perfect solution for iOS users worldwide. Because of its user-friendly design and strong functionality, FoneTool has successfully established itself as an excellent option for iPhone users who want to protect their data. Compared to the official backup tool – iCloud and iTunes, FoneTool has the following features and advantages:
✔ No internet required: FoneTool does not require an internet connection to back up or recover data. Unlike iCloud.
✔ Backup by Selection & Full: FoneTool enables full swap and recovery of all files and settings, which is unlike iCloud and iTunes, which only allows selected types of information.
✔ Quick Backup and Recovery: FoneTool has faster backup and recovery than iCloud or iTunes because it’s cloud-free.
FoneTool is more customizable than iCloud and iTunes because it supports iOS, Android, and Windows PCs.
✔ Compatible with different iOS: FoneTool supports a variety of iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Windows 11/10/8/7/X.
✔ No Storage Limits: There are no storage limits or fees other than iCloud, which has free storage and limited extra charges.

How to Backup iPhone to PC via FoneTool

Whether you are looking for a specific file backup or saving all of your iPhone data to a PC, FoneTool has comprehensive features to meet every requirement. You can download this free software to backup iPhone from its officail website, and follow the instructions below to selectively or fully backup iPhone to PC.

Option 1. Selectively Backup iPhone to PC

Whether it’s photos, videos, contacts, messages, or app data, FoneTool allows you to selectively backup specific items, ensuring that you only backup what’s important to you. This not only saves storage space on your computer but also shorten the backup time.

Step 1. Choose Selective Backup

Plug your iPhone into computer using a USB cable. Launch FoneTool, click Phone Backup from its Tool bar. Move your mouse over to Selective Backup, and click the Get Start button.

Step 2. Select files to backup

You are able to check each file type and preview all files on your iPhone. Check the files you’d like to backup to PC, and click OK to confirm.

Step 3. Start Backup process

By clicking Backup Storage Path, you can choose a destination to save your backup files, any folders, external hard drive, USB, etc. are allowed. Finally, click Start Backup to begin the task.

Option 2. Fully Backup iPhone to PC

FoneTool also offers the option to fully backup your entire iPhone to your PC. This ensures that all of your data, including contacts, messages, images, videos, and application data, is safely backed up and available at all times.Whether you are upgrading to a new iPhone, restore your iPhone after reset, or just want to know that your data is safe and secure, FoneTool’s Full Backup feature has got you covered.

Step 1. Choose Full Backup

Connect your iPhone to PC with USB. Choose Full Backup instead from FoneTool’s Phone Backup section.

Step 2. Start Full Backup

You can choose to encrypt your backup or not by switching the Backup Encryption button. Finally, click Start Backup to save everything from your iPhone to PC.

How to check & restore backup files

To restore backups: Connect your iPhone to PC > Go to My Backups in FoneTool > Locate the backup file you’re going to restore, and tap the Restore icon to restore the backup files.


In conclusion, FoneTool provides a complete and user-friendly solution for backing up your iPhone to a PC. Whether you want to backup certain files or your entire device, FoneTool has the tools you need to protect your precious data with simplicity.

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