In order to file claims and seek compensation after auto accidents along with other injury-causing incidents, interacting with insurance companies is an essential component of the procedure. You could face considerable irritation, frustration, and runaround from an insurance provider even if they were completely to blame for your injuries.

Insurance firms often use such tactics to get the upper hand and decrease claim payouts, like avoiding your calls and being unreachable. If you are facing such a situation, contact Sullivan & Galleshaw law firm.

How to respond if an insurance company ignores you

Insurance firms benefit by delaying settling claims. If they ignore you and pay you fewer bucks, it will boost their bottom line because more money will end up in their wallets.

Insurance companies may receive more interest on the money you could be entitled to as time passes by postponing your claim payment. That could be an additional incentive for them to take their time replying to you and reviewing your claim.

When insurance companies put off contact with you and drag out your claim, they know they are increasing your financial strain. They are fully aware that the expenses are piling up while they spend their time reviewing your claim. Therefore, they may try to mislead you into accepting a cheap offer immediately by ignoring you regularly. When they eventually make an offer after ignoring you and your claim for weeks or months, they know you will need the money badly. They depend on you to accept the first affordable offer you receive with.

Steps to take when the insurance company ignores you

1. Follow-Up with a Call

Due to their packed lives, insurance adjusters often shift claims to a single or more of them while dealing with them. Also, it is possible that insurance companies are missing the most recent copy of your contact information or mistakes on claim forms prevent adjusters from getting in contact with you very quickly. All of those may be valid explanations for why you do not hear back right away after contacting the insurance provider.

2. Create a record of everything.

Keep every letter and email you get from the insurance provider. Keep complete documentation of when and how you approached someone regarding the complaint (noting the date, time, mode of communication, and what happened).

3. Stay calm when you come to contact with an adjuster

You will mostly feel stressed out, disappointed, and furious after feeling ignored by the insurance adjuster and not getting the information you need. Whatever your emotions may be, try your best to maintain a calm conversation with the adjuster.

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