We know how quickly germs and colds can spread in an office space, with desks being relatively close, having shared eating spaces and communicating throughout the day, it’s hardly a surprise. As expected the winter months are the worst, but what can be done to limit the level of illness and the number of sick days?

Anti-bacterial Desktop Dividers

Treated anti-bacterial fabric isn’t just for a medical space and can excel in other spaces too. Anti-bacterial screens can be positioned in any space where the spread of germs and bacteria are a concern. Minimal maintenance is needed as the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal material prevents the growth of germs and only requires warm soapy water for cleaning.

The desktop divider design attaches to the back of the desk, providing support to individual desk spaces.

Cleaning Supplies

Most offices are cleaned daily, but being able to clean your own desk is the best way to know this has been cleaned in the important areas. A keyboard and mouse are one of the most germ ridden parts of the desk due to excess handling, eating throughout the day and bringing extra germs you’ve picked up on your journey around the office.

Having access to anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizer is useful.

Working from Home

We understand that not all jobs permit working from home, but if you’re feeling ill and under the weather, it could be worth while working from home for a day or 2 until the worst is over. By removing yourself from the office, the contact with others is lessened and the likelihood of passing the illness on to your colleagues is less likely.

Anti-bacterial Gels

Most offices and workplaces will have anti-bacterial hand gel left over from COVID-19 but have since become a must have. Whilst soap and water are the most effective way to wash your hands, if you’re in a pinch hand sanitizer is the next best thing.

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