If you have suffered injuries or any major losses from an accident, you should contact your insurance company to cover all losses. The sooner you file the compensation, the chances of receiving a fair settlement increase automatically. Unfortunately, dealing with the insurance company is not that easy. In fact, they make excuses and delay the process, intending to not pay your money. To prevent unfair practices, you may sue them with the help of El Dabe Ritter Trial Lawyers Los Angeles Law Firm if they take too long. Read this article to learn about major factors when suing a company. Here we go!

Factors to Consider When Suing an Insurance Company

1. Unreasonable Delay

In most cases, it is your responsibility to prove that the insurance company acted unfairly and they are not offering compensation. Legal action may not always be warranted when delays result from reasonable causes, such as investigating the claim, calculating damages, or awaiting required paperwork.

2. Breach of Contract

You may be able to file a claim for contract breaching if the insurance policy establishes deadlines for processing claims or making payments and the insurance company violates these terms.

3. Bad Faith

If the insurance company intentionally delays processing claims to avoid paying compensation, it may be acting in bad faith. Bad faith actions may give rise to legal claims for damages that are above the initial claim amount.

4. State Regulations

States regulate insurance activities, and each state has laws pertaining to insurance companies’ responsibilities and consumers’ rights. Certain states have laws or rules that specify insurance requirements and the timeframes for processing claims.

Hire an attorney if you want to sue an insurance company for delays. These lawyers are professional experts specializing in insurance law. They will evaluate your case and guide you in determining your rights. Further, they will guide you at every step and ensures you get your claim.

Wrapping Up

Before taking any legal action, you must try different things. These include submitting a complaint to the state insurance commissioner or participating in mediation if the insurance company allows it. ALthough you are filing a case against the insurance company for not processing the claim. It is important to fulfill all legal requirements. Therefore, hiring a lawyer is a must! While choosing your lawyer, ensure they are experienced in handling insurance companies.

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