Top 5 Types of Music

Top 5 Types of Music

Five main types of music define each genre. From classical to country, hip hop to metal, these genres span a wide array of styles and influences. Learn more about them below.


The most well-known style in the world, classical music is based on Western art music from the 14th through 18th centuries. Classical artists often focus on polychordal harmony groups of two or three notes at once—and melodic contour (how an individual note relates to other notes). Classical also emphasizes symmetry and mathematical expression, which creates rhythms with patterns and formulas. In short, it’s orderly, elegant and highly regarded by musicians around the globe.


Jazz started as early as the 1910s, but took off as a distinct musical form in the 1920s. As its name suggests, jazz combines elements of various styles and periods within Western art music. Although many consider jazz to be synonymous with


This type of music evolved from Delta blues during the late 19th century, though its roots can be traced back further according to some historians. Its central instruments include guitar, best online casino, harmonica, bass, drums and vocals. Many people associate the word “blues” with African-American culture, though the term was originally associated with folk songs sung by poor white people, particularly in Britain.

Hip Hop.

Hip hop, sometimes called rap music, grew out in Bronx New York City in the 1970s. Rap drew inspiration from R&B (Rhythm & Blues), reggae, funk, soul, rock, salsa and other genres while embracing aspects of poetry and storytelling. online blackjack players began using their voices in place of musical instruments, gradually adding rhymes. Today, hip hop encompasses several subgenres including:



•HipHop Soul

Electronic Dance Music.

Technological advances over the last decade have resulted in a diverse range of electronic dance music, popularly known as EDM. Common instruments found in EDM include synthesizers, pianos, guitars, pads, sequencers and much more. Popular EDM compositional approaches include electro swing, house, techno, drum bass, trance, dubstep, minimal techno and others.

In conclusion, there are so many different kinds of music, however, they all share four things: rhythm, melody, lyrics, and chord progressions. With practice, you’ll become familiar with any genre! Don’t forget to also check out online casinos.

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